CoA wrote an article for UN Special

Silvia Levin Perel, the chair of our Committee on Ageing has written an article about ageism. “Human rights should apply to everyone everywhere throughout the course of life. But in reality, upper-age limits in all fields of life prevent older persons from exercising their rights, whether it is employment, access to health and care services, […]

Towards a UN Convention on the rights of older persons?

28 September 2016 15.00 – 17.00 European Parliament Rationale The human rights of all individuals in Europe, including older persons, are protected in various binding international and regional human rights conventions. However, international human rights conventions do not specifically address age discrimination or refer to older persons. Regional human rights laws also do not protect […]

On human rights of older persons: imperatives & desiderata

Wednesday, 14 September 2016 – 16h30-18h00. United Nations Human Rights Council  33rd session (13-30 September 2016) Side-Event: On human rights of older persons: imperatives & desiderata Geneva, Palais des Nations, Conference Room XXIII   By 2050, there will be more older persons than children under 15 worldwide. This unprecedented demographic shift has far-reaching implications for society […]