UN75 Consultation – Vote for a UN convention on the human rights of older persons!

The UN is inviting stakeholders to participate in a digital consultation as part of the ongoing dialogue for the UN’s 75th anniversary. This digital consultation seeks to identify bold, actionable and practical proposals to resolve the challenges identified in the UN75 final report  that reflected people’s priorities as expressed in a year-long global consultation. Through surveys and dialogues, more than 1.5 million people from all walks of life shared their hopes and fears for the future, and discussed how all actors, including the UN, can innovate and work together to better to address the global challenges we face.

Among the recommendations included in the final report of the UN75 dialogue (page 30), it is stated that: “Governments should take steps to ratify and support the universal rights of people with disabilities and promote the creation of an UN Convention to protect the rights of older people.”

Now a digital consultation is open until 21 May asking stakeholders from different sectors to develop practical recommendations to accelerate delivery of the commitments made in the UN75 Declaration. https://un75.online/take-action/

Since older people’s concerns were reflected in the initial consultation, it is important to ensure the same level of visibility with regards to this stage in the process.

How and where do we vote?
Our member Nena, from AGE Platform Europe, has submitted a proposal to the consultation calling for the adoption of a UN convention on the rights of older persons, which is already gathering support. We encourage you to vote for this proposal on the digital voting platform. You need to register to participate in the consultation and to submit and vote for proposals.
To vote, register in the platform and support the proposal in “Our Society” under challenge 7: Adopt a UN Convention on the rights of older persons 

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